Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4Chan Users attempt to send Bieber to North Korea.

Well, then again I will say I AM NOT A FAN OF JUSTIN BIEBER. Neither do I think he is very talented compared to others of today's mainstream. I am a straight male, too, but I'm only in Bieber's defense because I made this blog dedicated to saving mainstream music, of which some I really enjoy. So please don't get the wrong idea.

But anyways, Justin Bieber had recently made an official poll of where to send him on his upcoming World Tour. However, for some reason the top on the list was North Korea. Fans of him questioned this, and thought "Just how many haters does it take to screw up Bieber?"

Except no, this wasn't just the work of the thousands of Bieber haters. The hackers and little kids of 4Chan had hacked this poll giving Bieber 659141 on North Korea. I wouldn't take this prank funny, it's literally gone too far. North Korea is perhaps the last place in the world to be, there's a chance Bieber will be stranded there forever and be forced to hard labor, even death if he doesn't please the fans of the communist nation.

The little kids of 4Chan, as always, are probably jealous of Bieber's fame and "good looks." Though I honestly don't care about what he has, they could've sent him into a death trap by now. It's unconfirmed though whether he will be heading to North Korea or not. He's yet to give out word on his feelings towards this upcoming tour.

Well, this is all I have for now. Stay tuned for any more news by me.

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