Monday, July 5, 2010

Metalheads Corrupt Justin Bieber's "Baby" Video

Alright, I will tell you one thing. I am not a Justin Bieber fan, in fact, I HATE Justin Bieber with a passion. I do not really believe Bieber is very talented and neither do I think he's good looking. But ever since I realized a massive group of jerks had put too much power into one video, I really wanted to say something to them. This is how I'll do it.

Beginning July 4th at about 12:00 AM, thousands of angry metal and rock fans have begun an ultimate troll attack on the "Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris" video. Though you can tell by the comments, I will tell you that they said one of the most hateful things about him. But that's not all there is to it.

The following message was sent in hundreds of music videos by thousands of Metalheads:

"The metal militia will be attacking Justin Bieber's video ON YOUTUBE (justin bieber baby ft. ludacris) on the FOURTH OF JULY Assemble all fans of good music in every genre! (Jazz, Metal, Classical, Classic Rock etc.) On said date leave a comment giving your thoughts on JB, close the comment with "-MM" (For metal militia). Copy and paste this comment to all the good band videos!"

After a few weeks of preparation the attack commenced. Trolling comments on Bieber's VEVO channel and every video on it brought huge success to the Metal Militia. But when I say corrupt, I don't just mean extreme trolling...

At about 7 AM, Metalheads from the website 4Chan used a specific script on Bieber's video to begin with. Random pop-ups with innapropriate messages and hateful insults appeared in these pop-ups. This "script virus" had infected many other videos in the process. I guess some 4Chan users took advantage of the script.


  1. The MM had nothing to do with the hacking of the video, and voted fairly on the N. Korea, however an extremely small number of people actually did it. The MM are not trolls, anymore, just look at their General2's channel.

  2. There's that possibility some of the MM come from 4Chan or ebaums. Otherwise, just abunch of 4Chan hackers who hate Bieber hijacked the video.

    As for not trolling anymore. I wouldn't say completely. It's not been long since I've last seen a troll comment from the MM.

    The same goes for the Justin Bieber fangirls. They're always gonna be out there, no matter how much we antagonize them.


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